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30th Apr 2024

People have only just found out that the Champions League will be shown by new broadcasters next season

Callum Boyle

Something none of us realised

We’ve all become quite accustomed to watching Champions League football exclusively on TNT Sports, but that will change from next season.

TNT has been the exclusive home of Champions League football ever since they won the rights in 2015.

ITV and Sky Sports had previously had stints in the past but for the past nine years it’s been one place and one place only.

However as of next season, TNT will share the rights with two new broadcasters.

Amazon Prime Video will be one of those and they will show 17 first-pick Champions League matches on Tuesday night, in what will be their first-ever season of providing live coverage of the competition.

It’s good news for terrestrial TV viewers too as the BBC will show highlights of the competition with a Wednesday night edition of Match of the Day.

It will be the first time since 1994 that Champions League football has been broadcast on the BBC. They previously held the rights ever since the first European Cup final in 1956.

TNT meanwhile will hold exclusive rights for the Europa League and Conference League.

The new rights deal will last until the end of the 2027 season.

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