Paul Pogba's superb pass for Manchester United's opener is a joy to behold 1 year ago

Paul Pogba's superb pass for Manchester United's opener is a joy to behold


The Paul Pogba-meter* has swayed away from 'crap' to 'good' this evening as the French international played a huge part in Manchester United's opening goal against Anderlecht.

While it's the name of Henrikh Mkhitaryan that's on the scoresheet - that man loves a Europa League goal- people have been lauding the vision and technique of Manchester United's No. 6 in the build-up to the goal.

The world's most expensive player has completed more passes than anyone else in the Europa League this season, his tally of 664 is 134 more than Roma's Leandro Paredes, but it's unlikely that he has played a better ball in Europe this year.

Somewhere, right now, Louis Van Gaal is crying that Pogba didn't play this ball sideways.

Lucky for us, he didn't.

Take a look at the £89.3 million man in action.

*We're predicting that the Pogba-meter will move towards 'crap' and a waste of money in his next outing, or that he'll muck up and Anderlecht will score another away goal and knock United out. In the next game though, he'll be declared the greatest thing since sliced bread. Either, or.


Still though, you can't please everyone.


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