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21st Sep 2023

Ole Solskjaer on two things that United players did which “disappointed” him

Lee Costello

Ole Solskjaer

“They weren’t as good as their own perception of themselves.”

Ole Solskjaer has revealed that he was “disappointed” in some of his former Man United players during his time as manager of the club.

The ex United boss claimed that several players thought they were better than they were, and “weren’t constructive to the environment.”

Solskjaer took the job back in 2017, replacing Jose Mourinho as interim manager, before getting the job on a permanent basis following a string of positive results.

In the 2020/21, the former Red Devil’s star enjoyed his best season in charge, helping the team earn their spot in the Champions League, and reach the Europa League final.

That summer he signed Cristiano Ronaldo, Raphael Varane and Jadon Sancho to bolster the side, and try to win join the title race that season.

However, things fell apart as problems with players such as Ronaldo and Paul Pogba continued to make headlines, while captain Harry Maguire was playing poorly.

After a 5-0 defeat to Liverpool in October the end was in sight for Solskjaer, and shortly afterwards he was sacked from his job.

Speaking to The Athletic, he opens up about the latter stages of his time at old Trafford and why he was “disappointed” with certain players.

“They weren’t as good as their own perception of themselves. I won’t name names, but I was very disappointed when a couple turned down the chance to be captain.

“I was also disappointed when others said they wouldn’t play or train because they wanted to force their way out.”

Later in the interview, Solskjaer discussed his successor, Ralf Rangnick, who was openly critical about the state of the club.

Solskjaer said that he told Rangnick his “opinion on every player” and that “things had soured, the collective had been lost.”

He continued: “Some players felt they should’ve played more and weren’t constructive to the environment. That’s a huge sin for me.”

Erik ten Hag, Solskjær’s permanent replacement after Rangnick’s interim was over, is enduring a tough start to the season, as United have lost three of their opening five matches.

“I know what he’s going through. It’s a dream job, but it’s difficult,” said Solskjær. “You’re dealing with humans with all their problems and backgrounds – this isn’t a computer simulation. But most are good professionals who want to do well. Some think about No 1 first, most think of the club.”

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