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14th Nov 2023

Martin O’Neill launches passionate rant against “nondescript players” from his last job

Lee Costello

Martin O'Neill

“Please do me a favour.”

Former Republic of Ireland manager Martin O’Neill has launched a passionate rant against “nondescript players” from his last job in management.

Following his time in charge of Ireland, O’Neill took the vacant role at Nottingham Forest, a club that he won two European Cups with as a player, and enjoyed a successful career with.

However, it was not a reunion that ended well, as the Irishman, along with his assistant Roy Keane, was sacked after only 19 games in charge, and rumours circulated that the players ousted him.

Martin O’Neill launches passionate rant against “nondescript players” from his last job.

Speaking live on talkSPORT, the former Aston Villa and Celtic boss, refuted this claims emphatically.

“There was this idea that there was player power when I was at Nottingham Forest. Please do me a favour, I was there 19 games and player power – there wasn’t a player strong enough or with the personality to usurp me.

It was just ridiculous to talk about it. Players didn’t get me out in the end. I believe a couple of players, nondescript players, sent their agents up to talk to the CEO, bigger fool him for listening to them if that’s the case.

“I can only run the football club the way I wanted to run the football club. If it’s not the way that (Evangelos) Marinakis wants me to run the football club then that’s fine but please don’t give me this here about player power.”

Martin O’Neill doesn’t mince his words about his feelings towards Nottingham Forest players.

O’Neill has enjoyed success with clubs and country, managing some really big names in the process, so the idea that less known footballers from Forest were undermining him, was insulting for the pundit to hear.

“If I’d got Chris Sutton, or Henrik Larsson, or Neil Lennon coming up to me at Celtic, I’d dismiss them but I might think about it. When I’ve got a bunch of nondescripts doing it at Nottingham Forest, please, give me a break honestly.

“I got 19 games. Am I bitter about it? Absolutely. I am but this idea about player power please do me a favour.”

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