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31st Jan 2024

Manchester United youngster takes Liverpool player’s sucker-punch like a champ

Nina McLaughlin

“There should be no place for that behaviour in football.”

A young Liverpool player somehow evaded a red card after it looked like he punched a player from the opposite team.

Luca Furnell-Hill has played for Liverpool’s youth clubs since 2022, and was taking part in the U18 match against Manchester United on Tuesday evening.

However, the 17-year-old caused a ruckus after he appeared to punch United’s Ethan Wheatley in the face.

The ref failed to send the youngster off the pitch, even though replays made it pretty clear that contact was made.

Despite this incident, United still came out on top of the game, winning 4-3 against Liverpool, with Wheatley himself even bagging a goal.

In the U18s league, United are in top form, having won 14 out of 14 matches so far this season, and bagging a whopping 42 points.

However, after the match, all anyone wanted to discuss was Furnell-Hill’s punching of his opponent.

One person wrote: “Omds that Liverpool u18 fella just right hooked the united guy in the face??”

A second said: “A punch from the Liverpool player but NO RED CARD!”

While a third put: “He should be released from the academy that Liverpool player.”

“Disgusting… Has to be punished after,” a fourth said.A fifth even went so far as to call for the kid to be banned from the game: “Liverpool’s Luca Furnell-Hill should be banned for his violent conduct. There should be no place for that behaviour in football.”

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