Lionel Messi hits out at Argentine FA on Instagram 6 years ago

Lionel Messi hits out at Argentine FA on Instagram

Argentina's Saipan? Probably not.

As anyone with even the shallowest knowledge of Irish sporting history will know, it doesn't bode well when the team's captain becomes disgruntled on the eve of a tournament.


Luckily for Argentina's Football Association, they waited until the eve of the the Copa America final, rather than before the tournament, to p*** Lionel Messi off.

He's hardly going to walk away now, is he?

Well, the Argentine FA hope not, because Messi isn't a happy man right now.

Messi was part of the Argentina team that beat the United States 4-0 in the Copa America semi-finals on Tuesday, and was due to fly from Houston to New Jersey on Thursday for Sunday's finalĀ against Chile.


The Barcelona forward, who should've been preparing to celebrate his 29th birthday, was instead sitting in an airport waiting on a flight that had been delayed and hit out at the association.

"Once again waiting on a plane to leave for our destination," Messi wrote.

"What a disaster the AFA are. My god!"