Jurgen Klopp sets record straight on Mohammad Salah's Saudi offer 3 months ago

Jurgen Klopp sets record straight on Mohammad Salah's Saudi offer

"Is Mo still committed? 100%!"

Jurgen Klopp has set the record straight on rumours circulating that Mohammad Salah has been offered a lucrative contract to go to the Saudi League.


Superstars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Roberto Firmino, Jordan Henderson and many more have made the move already, and with crazy amounts of cash being thrown around, club's are under pressure to keep their players.

Reports emerged that Salah is being hunted next, but speaking at a press conference today Klopp claims that there have been no official offers made.

"It's difficult to talk about media stories as there's nothing to talk about from our point of view. Mo Salah is a Liverpool player. There's nothing there. If there was something the answer would be no (he's not for sale).

"My life philosophy is I think about a problem when I have it. At the moment, there's nothing. I said already if there is something, the answer would be no. Is Mo still committed? 100%!"

Klopp has already lost his captain Henderson and key midfielder Fabinho to the Saudi Super League, both transfers that he didn't envisage making before the summer.


This is a new problem for Premier League clubs, and the German native isn't pleased with how they have so much power to do their business.

"It's not cool for us, that's clear. If we want a player from Wigan, say, we go there and we pay the price. Same in Bundesliga etc. Now there's a next level and it's not great but this is part of the business. Not sure you can change that."

"What makes it impossible to deal with is our transfer window closes and they stay open. Then we play until Jan 1 and this is our squad, we have that problem.

"I remember something like this in Russia long time ago. That was not completely crazy money. It's new and challenging. I am pretty sure FIFA could [change their deadline] like this (clicks finger) but I am not sure they want to."

Liverpool play Newcastle this Sunday at 4.30pm on Sky Sports Super Sunday.


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