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19th Jan 2024

Jurgen Klopp delivers thought-provoking monologue on Jordan Henderson’s situation

Lee Costello

Jordan Henderson

“People are really critical of Hendo about the move.”

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has delivered a rare thought-provoking monologue about Jordan Henderson’s current situation.

Henderson was captain of the Reds when Klopp first took the job, and the two of them shared unbelievable success, winning the Champions League, FA Cup, Caraboa Cup, Club World Cup and ended club’s 30 year wait for the Premier League.

Such achievements have elevated Henderson to legendary status at Anfield, which is not something many could have predicted after his season with the Reds back in 2012, but he proved the doubters wrong and became an integral part of the success that followed.

However, last summer the Englishman left the team rather abruptly, forcing a move to Al-Ettifaq in Saudi Arabia following a conversation with the manager where he was told that he would get less playing time.

The shock of this transfer was compounded by the fact that Henderson was so vocal against the World Cup being in Qatar in 2022, and their views on homosexuality, so many saw this as a betrayal on his part and now that he has terminated his contract there after just six months to complete a move to Ajax, there is a feeling that his legacy has been tainted.

Klopp certainly does not feel this way, and gave an interesting insight as to how he saw the situation.

“No, I didn’t speak to him after. But I’m happy for him as it looks like he is happy and that is the most important thing to me. From time to time I forget I actually don’t read these kind of stories, but when it’s not about us I read a bit.

“People are really critical of Hendo about the move, first there and now coming back. I don’t know how we dare, always judging these kind things. We have one life and we have to make decisions, and sometimes our decisions are perfect in the first case, and sometimes it feels different after you made them.

“He was there and it was 100 percent an interesting experience. I spoke to him and 99 percent of football things there were absolutely fine.

“It is the start of something and it is not like it is here – imagine it would immediately be like that. There are many things to develop in the future but (he was) never really critical or saying ‘It’s not possible that that’s not there’.

“But then he thought it is better for him and the family to come back to Europe and now he is here, at Ajax Amsterdam, a sensational club in a difficult moment.”

Jurgen Klopp shares his thoughts on Jordan Henderson’s decision to move to Ajax.

Choosing to move to Ajax means that Henderson will be returning to Europe, and although the club are struggling this season, they are still one of the biggest teams in Europe.

“Ajax always played the best football when they combined their real talent that is always there with some experience, and that is obviously now the job of Hendo.

“He is part of that experienced group and from fifth place in Holland you can make steps in the table, and it’s all positive. It’s an experience.

“Only in England do people think ‘Why do they go abroad?’ All other countries want to come England and as beautiful as this country is, they want to make international experiences and for me it is the same.

“He is going to Holland where he can enjoy his football definitely again, the family will feel wonderful because the city is absolutely outstanding, and I am very happy for him.

“[I] will definitely talk to him, but in these few days I thought he has a few things to do which are more important.”

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