Jeff Stelling shows off new look on Soccer Saturday to defend colleague 2 weeks ago

Jeff Stelling shows off new look on Soccer Saturday to defend colleague

The Soccer Saturday presenter is a man of his word.

Jeff Stelling stuck by a promise he made earlier in the week, showing off an interesting fashion statement on the show over the weekend.


Stelling vowed to wear a pair of pink tracksuit bottoms to show his solidarity with fellow Sky Sports colleague Michelle Owen, who was abused by online trolls when she sported a pair on Tuesday evening's EFL broadcast.

On Saturday's show, Stelling made an announcement saying, "My friend and colleague Michelle Owen was presenting EFL Football coverage and she was criticised by somebody on Twitter, in part because of her clothing. She was wearing sort of pink trackie bottoms which looks absolutely fantastic. But unfortunately the Tweeter, who swiftly deleted the tweet by the way, was suggesting otherwise."

"Well I have to tell you, I vowed at the time on Twitter that I would show solidarity with Michelle Owen, so Michelle, I am showing solidarity today because there they go," Stelling said while standing up to reveal his pink pants. "What do you think guys, pretty in pink?"


Owen quote-tweeted the video of Stelling's new pants with a heart emoji adding, "Although next time check your sizing."

Owen replied to a troll on Tuesday after the broadcast who criticised her interviewing technique and clothing choices. "I don’t give an opinion I ask the question," she said. "I also pointed out the Derby players were incensed, I asked if it was contact with consequence and pointed out the ref's position and we heard from Paul Warne on it. And I love my pink trousers thanks!"

Stelling took notice of the incident and subsequently tweeted, "He has three followers Michelle. Take no notice. I am going to wear pink trousers on Saturday in solidarity!"


Owen jokingly replied saying Stelling "can borrow mine- we are a similar height."

Good on you for sticking to your word, Jeff!

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