Jamie Vardy's goal utterly ruined by his feeble attempt to punch corner flag 5 years ago

Jamie Vardy's goal utterly ruined by his feeble attempt to punch corner flag

Things have been a bit shit for Leicester of late.

The champions of England have looked increasingly like relegation fodder in recent weeks, something which - with or without a bit of a push from some of the playing staff - has cost Claudio Ranieri his job.


Jamie Vardy, whose goals went a long way to firing Leicester to their unlikely title triumph, is one of the players that has failed to replicate his 2015/16 form.

But, with Liverpool in town for the first game of the post-Ranieri era, guess who rolled back the months? Jamie Richard Vardy, that's who.

Reminiscent of so many of his goals last season, Vardy timed a run to perfection to get in behind the Liverpool back line and slotted calmly into the near post of Simon Mignolet's goal. A good finish.

But, football fans being football fans, a quick look at the reaction to his goal on Twitter showed that more people were concerned with his celebration.


As the following poor quality pictures reveal (we're not allowed to show proper footage, sorry), Vardy raced away from the goal and towards the corner flag.

There was a knee slide...

And, returning to his feet, there was an attempt to punch the corner flag into oblivion...


But Vardy, a man who has been known to punch his own face in frustration, failed to connect properly...

Something which (because it's really important) plenty of viewers swiftly picked up on...



Vardy added a second to his name later in the game to make it 3-0 to the good.  Coutinho pegged one back for the away side a few minutes later.