Jamie Carragher opens up about spitting incident to Gary Neville 1 month ago

Jamie Carragher opens up about spitting incident to Gary Neville

"That knocked me for six months."

Speaking on the Overlap Podcast, Jamie Carragher was the latest guest on Gary Neville's show, and they had all of the banter and craic that you would imagine.


However, there is a segment on the podcast called "Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo," where the guest opens up about a difficult period that they had to come through.

Carragher then told the story of the infamous incident after working on a game at Old Trafford, he was driving home and a fan was shouting at him from a passing car.

The Liverpool legend reacted by spitting out at the car, which was also carrying a young teenage girl, and because the whole thing was recorded it went viral on social media.

"Coming home from Old Trafford and then when I lost my job at Sky - I'm someone who's quite on the front foot, if someone attacks me.

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"But that knocked me for six months. For a good six months I wasn't myself. I'd get up in the morning and just have that pain in my stomach, oh that did happen.

"I went to see Steve Peters [a psychologist] after it. I felt really bad, embarrassed, my family, my mum or dad. And the kids.

"I remember getting back to the house that night when I'd been at Sky. I haven't seen the kids, they're at school, and you just get back and we all sat together and it was tough.

"Even though we're in the public eye, we're not the royals, Beckham, big stars. You read them on the front page. When it's you, everywhere I went it felt like people were looking at me.


"It'd come back to me, but it was done. I owned it. I didn't blame anyone else. I accepted it. I took my medicine.

"Whatever s*** is thrown at me I'll take it. And that's the way I was as a player."