Jamie Carragher compares Chiedozie Ogbene to Premier League hall of famer 2 weeks ago

Jamie Carragher compares Chiedozie Ogbene to Premier League hall of famer

"It's the way I used to feel chasing Thierry Henry."

Jamie Carragher's analysis of Luton star Chiedozie Ogbene  on Monday Night Football should make Ireland fans proud, as the Irishman receives the highest praise possible.


Luton have been getting a lot of credit for their performances lately, and after their 4-0 win over Brighton, people really started to stand up and take notice of the underdogs.

Ogbene has been one of their main players this year, and his lightening speed in particular has proven to be a real weapon for the Premier League side, as they hope to avoid relegation.

Speaking on Ogbene’s involvement in Luton’s first against Brighton, Carragher said on Sky Sports: “He’s (Ogbene) supporting the play, we know he’s an absolute flying machine.


“But as the ball comes in there now, there’s not much space really to show your pace and run on the outside. A lot of criticisms of a flying winger is if you drop off, has he actually got the quality to thread a little pass or put a nice cross into the box?

“He doesn’t get the assist, but he gets, what we call, the pre-assist, lovely flighted ball to the back post and then they get the goal.

“Another criticism we talk about of quick players is how often they get caught offside.

“Just keep an eye on the way he bends his run, it’s absolutely fantastic. He goes now, at the right time, the centre-backs are keeping him onside, the goalkeeper comes flying out but he keeps his composure. And that’s brilliant to see."


It was at this point that they showed clips of Ogbene vs Newcastle and how poor Dan Burn felt the full wrath of the Cork-man and his incredible pace.

Carragher was understanding though, and even compared the situation to his old days as a defender with Liverpool when they Ould face Arsenal, and their star striker Thierry Henry.

"The way Dan Burns feels at the moment, is the way I used to feel chasing Thierry Henry."


Not exactly a bad player to be remind of, and this kind of form from Ogbene can only be good news for Ireland fans who are looking forward to seeing the 26 year old back in a green jersey.

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