Jamie Carragher taps into overlooked statistic to prove Alisson's worth to Liverpool 1 year ago

Jamie Carragher taps into overlooked statistic to prove Alisson's worth to Liverpool

Alisson’s impact is unquestionable

Jamie Carragher has highlighted the impact that Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson has had on the Reds' successful season so far, discussing his importance to the team.


Jurgen Klopp's side often deploy a high-line, meaning that their defenders play high up the pitch and, as a result, are sometimes susceptible to being caught out at the back.

However, Liverpool legend Carragher - with the help of a statistician - has examined the numbers behind the Reds' gameplan to see whether or not it is having a detrimental impact on their results.

1v1 statistics analysed


Liverpool's high line

Speaking on Sky Sports' Monday Night Football, using statistics from John Harrison, Carragher said: "It's really interesting, Alisson actually faces more 1v1s because of the reasons we've shown, the high-line.

"But he's actually saved almost eight, Liverpool and Alisson should've conceded eight more goals than what they have done from 1v1 situations.

"When you go back to the expected goal numbers defensively compared to Manchester City and Liverpool, where Man City were a lot better than Liverpool, that is why, that is the difference, so they back their goalkeeper that he's going to have to deal with one of these every single game, but we've got the best at dealing with it.

"The actual high-line is helping them in terms of going forward and actually scoring goals themselves."


How did social media react?

The response to Carragher's analysis was extremely positive, with people praising the pundit for incorporating detailed statistics into his analysis.


One Twitter user wrote: "Enjoying this look into the underlying numbers for #LFC and #MCI. And the look into high turnovers/offside. Great stuff from @Carra23".

Another added: 'End of a fantastic 10 minute #MNF segment from Carragher. Translating complex analytics into simple stories is not easy. When applied with top level playing experience it's a formidable combination.  Amazing recognition for the public analytics work of John Harrison, too.'


Henry Jackson wrote: "That Alisson analysis by Carragher was brilliant. What an outrageous 1-vs-1 goalkeeper he is. Had a dip around the West Ham/Spurs games earlier in the season but has been incredible in 2022."

Another user added: "Carragher is probably the best analyst in football history. A viewer’s dream".

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