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27th May 2023

Jack Whitehall sends last Soccer AM show into hysterics with Rolf Harris joke

Charlie Herbert

‘Jack Whitehall dropping a joke about Rolf Harris is a suitable end to Soccer AM’

Jack Whitehall had the Soccer AM studio and viewers at home in hysterics after making a Rolf Harris joke on the final episode of the iconic Saturday morning show.

Earlier this year, Sky confirmed that Soccer AM would be coming to an endthis season after almost 30 years on air.

So, for the final ever episode of the Sky Sports programme, they pulled out all the stops with the guest lineup, which featured rapper Stormzy alongside show favourites, actor Stephen Graham and comedian Whitehall.

It wasn’t long before the show gave viewers one of the classic moments of chaos it became famous for, when Whitehall decided to make a joke referencing Harris.

The disgraced entertainer and convicted sex offender died of neck cancer and ‘frailty of old age’ on May 23, at the age of 93.

Speaking to the panel, Whitehall explained how he was still waiting to receive an honour from the Royal family.

He told co-hosts Jimmy Bullard and John Fendley (a.k.a. Fenners): “When they released the honours, waiting by the phone, nothing.

“Every year, the amount of brown nosing I’ve done with that royal family!”

He added: “Also, I’d take anything, I’d have the one’s they stripped off Rolf.”

Cue a combination of audible gasps and roaring laughter from all in the studio.

Harris had been made an MBE in the 1960s, an OBE a decade later and a CBE in 2006. However, after his horrific crimes emerged, the honours were all revoked.

The joke prompted Bullard to stand up and walk off camera, whilst Graham was in hysterics on the sofa.

Meanwhile, Fenners just seemed stunned into silence.

Defending himself, Whitehall said: “Oh come on Jimmy! It’s the last show, let’s go out with a bang! It’s the end of term!”

He then seemed to say something else equally outrageous, involving former Sky Group chairman Rupert Murdoch, but the producers were quick to mute his mic.

Jack Whitehall

If Graham’s face was anything to go by, that was probably a wise decision.

Viewers at home seemed to love the chaos Whitehall had caused with his gag though, praising the comedian.

“Jack Whitehall is on fire on Soccer AM this morning, I’d even have the honours stripped off Rolf Harris,” one viewer tweeted.

Another added: “Jack Whitehall dropping a joke about Rolf Harris is a suitable end to Soccer AM.”

“Jack Whitehall with Rolf Harris jokes on Soccer AM. Going out with a bang,” a third said.

And a fourth labelled the joke was “absolute gold.”

After the show, Whitehall tweeted his thanks to Soccer AM, and said the joke “felt like a fitting send off for me.”

He wrote: “Do not go gentle into that good night. #SoccerAm So much love for this show. This felt like a fitting send off for me – I think over the years I’ve been muted more than any guest. Saturday mornings won’t be the same!”

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