"Harry Maguire is unfairly judged because of his head" 1 year ago

"Harry Maguire is unfairly judged because of his head"

It's a lot of money but when has that ever slowed down Manchester United's spending?

Harry Maguire is incoming for a reported £85million and all that's left is for football fans to chew the fat over the merits of the investment.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter. United have made some stinker signings, they've fallen further from grace and all that happens is more money keeps getting pumped in. For all the abuse the Glazers get and the slating Ed Woodward comes in for, the club rarely withhold spending and, if anything, spend too recklessly.

So, worrying over the idea that they might've spent a few million over the odds for a player that they needed is pointless. It's not going to affect the next player they need to buy.

Harry Maguire

On Friday's The Football Spin episode, United's latest signing was discussed at length.

The fact is that United had five recognised first-team players to play centre half for them heading into the new season:

  • Phil Jones
  • Chris Smalling
  • Eric Bailly
  • Victor Lindelof
  • Axel Tuanzebe

Harry Maguire takes that number to six but he immediately comes in ahead of every one of them. For the first time in the last few years, they have someone who commands the recognition as first choice. He comes in as the best and knocks the rest down the pecking order and that's the oldest and simplest way of improving your team and your squad.

And, talking with host Dion Fanning, JOE's Nooruddean Choudry explained that there's a complex around Maguire which isn't necessarily fair on his actual ability.

"He's unfairly judged because of his head," Choudry said.

"Obviously the head is a weapon in itself but if you remove his head for a second, that is a properly toned athlete. If it was just a standard head, that would be impressive.

"Harry Maguire is a toned athlete. Do not judge him on his head."

The Football Spin did go deeper into the reasons for Maguire being a good signing...

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