Graeme Souness brutal analysis of Paul Pogba's career is almost too far 2 months ago

Graeme Souness brutal analysis of Paul Pogba's career is almost too far

"I was wrong, wasn't I?"

Graeme Souness has brutally analysed Paul Pogba's career one last time following the news that the Juventus star failed a drugs test.


The French star had tested positive for testosterone, a performance enhancing drug, and if the B sample confirms this, then Pogba could be banned for up to four years.

During the midfielder's spell at Manchester United, Souness was always particularly harsh on him when working as a pundit on Sky Sports.

Speaking as a special guest at Second Captains' 10th anniversary show in the Olympia Theatre last week, the former Liverpool star was asked if his feelings towards Pogba had changed.


"I was wrong, wasn't I?" said Souness.

"My first thought [when he first saw Pogba play] was, 'yeah, you're a talented boy, but you don't work hard enough.' And that's been his career.

"I would say he's an extremely talented young man, he should be one of the best midfield players in the world. But he's lazy.

"His thoughts were, 'I'm going to go out on the pitch and show everyone how cute and clever I am.' If you remember how he used to take penalties, he used to take the step up, step up, step up, if you were to ask a psychologist what he was trying to achieve there - he wants to be in the spotlight for as long as possible, wanting to be the star of the show.

"For me, lazy, and as a Liverpool supporter I wanted him to sign a lifetime contract at Man United. That kind of individual wrecks your club. If he's lazy in matches, he'll be lazy in training. How can you get after the rest of them if you don't get after him?"


When asked if he felt any sympathy for Pogba, Souness was blunt in his response.

"Not for a nanosecond. He's a lazy tw*t. Absolutely no sympathy for him. Why would you?"

Pogba had left United to go to Juventus, but has barely played a game since arriving in Italy with injuries hampering his career, and now this drug test is looming over him.

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