Gonzalo Higuain called 'pathetic' and 'terrible' by fellow MLS star 1 year ago

Gonzalo Higuain called 'pathetic' and 'terrible' by fellow MLS star

'F*** that guy, man'

Inter Miami striker Gonzalo Higuain has been labelled 'pathetic' and 'terrible' by fellow MLS star Fabian Herbers.


Herbers, who plays for Chicago Fire, said the Argentine striker is 'pathetic.'

The 34-year-old failed to get on the scoresheet in Inter's first game of the season against the Chicago Fire on February 26.

The former Real Madrid and Chelsea frontman - who captains Phil Neville's side - cut a frustrated figure against Ezra Hendrickson's men in the 0-0 draw.


His underwhelming performance led to criticism from Chicago striker Herbers, who slammed his 'negative' body language.

The German, who was substituted in the 80th minute, was asked on his Zee Soccer Podcast if he swapped shirts with Higuain after the game.

He replied: "F*** that guy, man.


"This guy is so pathetic. Obviously, he's a presence on the field and every time a teammate of his makes a wrong pass or something or doesn't pass the ball exactly to him, he's just standing there looking in a negative mood.

"His body language is just terrible. I wouldn't want to be a teammate of his. I'm over it. F*** that guy. I want nothing, no part of it.

"In the first game already, he's so negative, so destructive, so negative towards your own teammates who you're supposed to try to help.

"You're supposed to lift them up, supposed to make them better as a leader, as a DP, and I think it's going to be a long season for Miami and Higuain as well if that continues.


"Every time there's a missed pass he's just rolling his eyes and absolutely shockingly negative."

Herbers' co-host Julian Gressel, who plays for DC United, added:

"That feeling of having your leader, your captain have that type of body language and reaction towards young team-mates, guys that haven't played a ton of minutes in MLS because of the budget problems and that stuff, that's definitely a red flag for me as well.


"I don't like to lead that way and I don't think a good captain leads that way."

The Argentine scored 12 goals in 30 appearances last season as Inter missed out on the MLS play-offs.