Glenn Hoddle finally responds to heavy criticism in Beckham documentary 1 week ago

Glenn Hoddle finally responds to heavy criticism in Beckham documentary

“I believe his mum had a little dig at me."

Glen Hoddle has finally responded to the heavy criticism that he came under in the new Netflix documentary Beckham, where he was chastised for how he treated David at the 1998 World Cup.


The former Tottenham Hotspur star was England manager at the time, and the documentary explains how he would Beckham wasn't a guaranteed starter under him, and he would often be on the bench.

Then when he did get his start against Argentina, the then 23-year-old was sent off and England went on to be knocked out of the tournament, with Hoddle saying: “It cost us, it cost us dearly.”

Ultimately the public blamed Beckham for their defeat and the media tormented him for years afterwards because of it, something which Beckham's family blames Hoddle for.


Sandra, the mother of the former England international said:"Glen Hoddle said his head wasn’t in the right place, didn’t he? I just put him on my hit list - people that upset me."

Victoria Beckham was equally as critical saying that "Glenn Hoddle didn't come out and try to protect him. And how old was David, 23? You're a kid at 23. Glenn Hoddle was a man. I wouldn't say a man actually, he was an older person."

Now, the Tottenham legend has opened up about the comments made in the documentary on talkSPORT.


“I’ve got no problem with David,” Hoddle told The Sports Breakfast. “He was a fabulous player for me and one of the best players this country has produced. I haven’t seen the documentary, I’ve got no worries with what he said. If it goes well, I wish him all the success.


“It was never a red card. I’ve looked at it and thought, ‘How has he given him a red?’ It was ridiculous. I haven’t seen it. With what happened to me five years ago, these things don’t bother me.”

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