Gary Neville reveals he collapsed during England Euro 2020 win against Germany 9 months ago

Gary Neville reveals he collapsed during England Euro 2020 win against Germany

'I need to slow down a little bit.'

Gary Neville has revealed how he was hospitalised after collapsing and suffering a fit during England's Euro 2020 win over Germany last summer.


Neville recently appeared on The Diary of a CEO podcast where, amongst other things, he discussed his hectic lifestyle and the work ethic which allows him to balance his job as a Sky Sports pundit with his role as a co-owner at Salford City and several other business interests.

Asked about the cost of being so driven, Neville admitted that it had taken a toll on his health. Pressed on this, he explained what had taken place during England's last-16 stage win over Germany at Wembley last summer.

"Raheem Sterling scored the goal in the European Championships against Germany a year and a half ago and I basically collapsed to the floor and had a fit," he said. "After that, I went to hospital, I had checks and found out I need to slow down a little bit, basically."


Neville admitted that he could see parallels with his late father, Neville.

"It is similar things to what my dad was told in his 40s, that ultimately I do too much," he added. "I think too much, I need to relax more. To be fair, my wife says it a lot, 'you're here but you're not present'.

"I was doing an interview the other day with Geoff Shreeves - Geoff's known me 15-20 years - and he said, 'the problem when I ask you a question, you've got my question within the first two seconds. For the next eight seconds, you are thinking about what you're doing after'."

Neville has also touched on the incident in his latest episode of The Overlap. Unlike previous episodes of the podcast, he has turned subject, leaving Geoff Shreeves to take up the position of the interviewee.


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