Garth Crooks snubs Salah and De Bruyne for player of the year pick 11 months ago

Garth Crooks snubs Salah and De Bruyne for player of the year pick

Sergio Aguero is class but he's not even been the best player at Man City this season.

He's not even consistently made the team - Pep Guardiola's only weakness being his unrelenting want to see something no-one else sees and wanting to not see things everyone else sees.

But the Argentine has still performed, of course he has - he's brilliant, remember - and four goals at the weekend were enough to push him straight in ahead of everyone else in this campaign.

It's not like Aguero is some dud who's done nothing this season but, in this instance, he's still a complete wildcard because it's all relative and, relatively, there are players miles ahead for what they've done so far.

There are players who've scored more goals, men who've dragged their teams single-handedly through battle and then there's Kevin De Bruyne.

De Bruyne was put into a three-man midfield at Manchester City and he has never looked back - quite literally. He picks up the ball just to the right and he explodes forward as if he was an 18-year-old playing for the under-14s. He produces mouthwatering passes, weighted so much to perfection it'd make you drool, and he unlocks defences with a smile on his face. Then, he strikes vicious efforts in from anywhere on the pitch.

He's head and shoulders above everyone in the league this season and easily City's most important player right now. Whilst Aguero scored four times at the weekend against Leicester, De Bruyne added another three assists.

But Garth Crooks likes to be different and he took the opportunity on the BBC to do just that yet again.

"If this man does not win Footballer of the Year then there is something very wrong with the way we reward our best players.

"Granted we have De Bruyne to consider, and Liverpool's Mohamed Salah, and of course Kane will feature in the final line-up. But none of the aforementioned have been as consistent over the past five years as Sergio Aguero.

"To think the Argentine's exploits in the Premier League have never been officially recognised either by his fellow players or the football writers. Whenever there are debates about genuine world-class strikers in the Premier League, the one name that is undisputed is Aguero. And it's about time the game acknowledged it."