Why bother holding it in the corner to waste time when you're Gareth Bale? 11 months ago

Why bother holding it in the corner to waste time when you're Gareth Bale?

Gareth Bale has no time for wasting time in the corner

Ok. We've all seen enough football to know how this works by now. You're a goal up in the dying seconds of a must-win game. You've forced a corner. What do you do?


a) Drive into the area in search of a second goal that you probably don't need, risking a turnover in possession which could eventually cost you a crucial win.

b) Keep it the fuck in that corner. Get three of your pals to shield it. Waste away the seconds until that whistle blows. Why on earth would you contemplate doing anything else, you lunatic?

The correct answer is, of course, b). Unless you just so happen to be Mr. Gareth Frank Bale, that is.

Wales were good value for their 1-0 lead against Turkey in Baku as the game entered stoppage time on Wednesday. They might have had more had Bale not smashed a penalty into the mesosphere earlier in the half.



But still, a stoppage time corner, deep into stoppage time. You'd take that, wouldn't you? Just close the game out. You're nearly there.

But nah. Having taken the corner short, the Real Madrid(?) forward decided it was high time to bomb on into the area and smash a shot in the direction of goal. The Turkey goalkeeper was equal to it, and another corner was earned.

Surely this time, Gareth would play it safe? After all, there was no chance Turkey - as utterly woeful as they've been in this tournament - were going to to fall for this shit again...

But again, nah. Bale surges into the area, this time squaring the ball to Connor Roberts to DOUBLE THE LEAD.


Ridiculous. The sort of stuff none of us would have dreamed of attempting.

We, though, are not Gareth Bale.

Post-match, the Wales captain commented, "The penalty miss is my fault, I take full responsibility. But I guess that shows the character (of the team), I kept fighting and got that second assist."


In a Wales jersey, he's never short of confidence.