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11th Nov 2018

Fred cites José Mourinho as main reason he joined Manchester United over City

Fred was linked with Manchester City during the summer, but chose to join United and has cited José Mourinho as one of the main reasons

Reuben Pinder

One could argue that he made a huge mistake…

Joseé Mourinho is known for many things. During his early years as a coach, he was admired for his ability to thrive as the underdog, to drill a defensive unit like no other coach, and for his team’s thrilling counter-attacking football. His charismatic aura was also infectious.

His spark would appear to be on the wane but recent, late wins over Bournemouth and Juventus have got pulses racing again.

While he occasionally provides great soundbites – ‘respect, respect, respect’ – a lot of what made him great in the past has diminished. He is a shell of the motivator and tactician that he once was, which makes it all the more interesting that Fred cited him as a deciding factor in his decision to sign for Manchester United – especially when he had an offer from Manchester City.

It shouldn’t be controversial to say that players have a much better chance of developing their game under Guardiola than they do under Mourinho, but in Fred’s case, he saw United as the more appealing proposition.

In a recent interview with FourFourTwo magazine, Fred said: “That’s true, I received an offer from them [City] and even talked to my Brazilian team-mates who play for our neighbours.

“They were trying to convince me to join them, but in the end it didn’t happen. Then it was the summer and, as I said, there were other offers, including from United. I quickly decided that was the right move for me.

“Mourinho is a top, top professional and every player likes to work with such a winner. I’m learning things from him, that’s for sure.

“He can be quite strict, but that’s part of his job. He’s also friendly and funny off the pitch, and jokes with us in the dressing room.

“Jose was crucial in my decision to join Manchester United and I’m grateful for his interest in my football.”

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