On-form Keane gives dancing Jesse Lingard the ultimate seal of approval 6 months ago

On-form Keane gives dancing Jesse Lingard the ultimate seal of approval

As if Roy Keane needed a hand, Jamie Redknapp is now digging his own holes.

Like an excitable teenager who's had a bit too much to drink, the Englishman was doing too much swinging and not enough hitting on Gillette Soccer Sunday, as he and Roy Keane got into another one-sided barney about Spurs.


While the Cork-man is of the opinion that Spurs have a softness about them, a softness that has existed for "40 years," Redknapp takes each dig personally and flies into battle with an 'I must defend my old club at all costs,' sort of mentality.

As we all know, the 'At All Costs' approach doesn't stand up well in an argument if it means sacrificing your composure. Redknapp, as is his wont, had leapt to the defence of the under-fire Spurs players when a cool, calm and collected Keane landed the first blow.

“It’s always great to be top of the league in November, vital time of the season that.”

By now Redknapp was like a dog chasing a kite, clutching at thin air and losing the head at the situation he'd found himself in as he began to talk more and make sense less.

"So when they got to the quarter-final of the Champions League with Bale and Modric? That was a good team. You can’t say they were always soft, Roy. They’ve had some great teams over the past few years," the Englishman added, leaving himself wide open.

Keane didn't need an invitation and it wasn't long before he was speaking for the whole Sky Sports viewership when he told Redknapp to settle down.

"If a quarter final is success, then you can have your success."


Keane, in top form on the day, was at his very best soon after when running the rule over a dancing Jesse Lingard's celebration. Not known for his appreciation of the showman-side of the game, Keane gave Lingard, who had scored twice in West Ham's 3-2 win over Leicester, the ultimate seal of approval when claiming that the on fire Hammer has earned the right to strut his stuff.

"I used to this dance before you know, usually after a load of Bacardi and Coke...When he scores like that, then I suppose I have to give him a little bit of credit."

Lingard has now scored eight goals and made four assists in nine Premier League appearances, so there's no doubt that this bit of leeway is well earned.


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