Football fans ridicule Liverpool as ‘the worst shirt of all time’ leaks online 6 months ago

Football fans ridicule Liverpool as ‘the worst shirt of all time’ leaks online

Can't imagine it'll be a best seller

With the current season rapidly reaching the business end, excitement begins to build around news of what kits teams will wear.


Of course, it goes without saying, but kits often cause debate. Some love certain shirts, others go on to become all-time classics while a number of people also think some shirts belong straight in the bin.

With that, a number of leaked kits for Premier League clubs have been surfacing around on the internet and Liverpool are one of those teams.

However one look at this club may evaporate all hope for Reds supporters that next season will be more bearable than what they've had to endure this year.

In fact, it may actually be worse.


The kit is interesting to say the least. Predominately featuring the colours green and white - often seen on Liverpool's away strip - the shirt appears to resemble an area of patchy grass. Some of the grass looks healthy, while the other bit a pasty white, as if it hasn't been watered in months.

There's also the black trim on the sleeves and around the neck area but there's one glaring area that can't be ignored: Why is there a cricket wicket in the middle of it?


As far as I'm aware, Liverpool isn't best known for its cricket and I can only imagine that was some sort of design flaw (you'd hope). Whatever the design was meant to be, let's be honest, it's s**t.

Fans across social media also don't seem to be impressed, with one saying: "That has to be one of the worst ideas anyone has ever had for a football shirt, and heck there’s been some stickers in the past."


Another tweeted: "Has to be one of the ugliest kits I've ever seen. Who even makes these?"

"It will look as though they’ve been run over by the grounds crew," wrote a third person.


"Possibly the worst kit I’ve ever seen."


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