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16th May 2023

Rio Ferdinand responds to Jamie Carragher’s “clown” comments

Lee Costello

Ferdinand Carragher

“He used to carry my boots when I was at England.”

Rio Ferdinand has responded to Jamie Carragher‘s “clown comments by poking fun at the Liverpudlian’s England career when the two were teammates.

During the Champions League semi-final between AC Milan and Inter Milan, Lautaro Martinez went down under a challenge that was initially awarded as a penalty.

After a VAR check however, the decision was changed, something which Steven Gerrard and Rio Ferdinand disagreed with on BT Sports.

“I think anyone out there who’s watching the replay and seen what VAR do and still believe that is a penalty, they must be a clown”, said Carragher on CBS Sports.

Ferdinand Carragher

The ex-Liverpool defender was to quick to defend Gerrard’s point of view on the situation.

“[Gerrard’s] an attacking player, isn’t he?” He added as Steven Gerrard, on BT Sports coverage, felt Inter should’ve had a penalty: “He was liable a little bit now and again to go down himself under a little bit of contact, always contact.

“I can understand where he’s coming from. But players in my position, who are defenders, other defenders, English defenders who were commentating on the game.

“I can understand attackers thinking it’s a penalty but Stevie was an attacking player wasn’t he and maybe felt there was a little bit of contact. But as a defender, we’ve got to try and stick together haven’t we. I just felt some people were getting a little bit carried away thinking it was a certain penalty.”

Carragher was of course referring Ferdinand, and the former Manchester United captain was not going to take it laying down.

“You know what the mad thing is? Like I said he’s a friend of the show, every time I see him it’s all love and I’m a loving guy and we hug, we shake hands and have a laugh”, Ferdinand said on the Vibe with 5 podcast.

“That’s cool [saying things for clicks] but I don’t understand why he came with the hostility. It’s a hostile energy, I don’t understand it, he’s been on our show, we see each other it’s all cool, he used to carry my boots when I was at England.

“The thing that might’ve been because it was the Hall of Fame week, that’s the only thing I can think [of]. Me and him are cool, sometimes text here and there, I just don’t get it man. I’ve only got good energy for him.

“I take it as banter but how a man delivers it is his own thing. What I’m saying is I’m cool but when you see me, I need to check that energy again.”

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