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27th Sep 2016

Everyone is cruelly taking the piss over Big Sam losing the England job

We'll always have the 95th minute winner against Slovakia.

Carl Anka

It was short, it was (not really) sweet, but after one game and 67 days, Sam Allardyce has been removed from his position as England manager.

Sam Allardyce leaves the role via “mutual consent“, following statements from both the FA and the former Sunderland manager’s representatives.

The decision comes in the wake of an undercover investigation by the Telegraph that allegedly showed Allardyce – in a meeting with men claiming to represent a Far East company – appearing to say that the Football Association’s rules regarding third-party ownership can be bypassed.

England Manager Sam Allardyce Press Conference

Gareth Southgate will take charge of the senior squad for next month’s World Cup qualifiers against Malta and Slovenia, while the FA looks to rebuild.

It’s all a very troubling and serious situation. A man has lost his dream job. Football’s dark underbelly appears to have been revealed. The Football Association once again has to look at its methods and practices as they look to bring the England National Team to international football’s big table.

So of course everyone responded to the news by taking the piss.

Football fans around the world shunned the Champions League games that were on and Tuesday night and did what they did best: making jokes about a man who last managed Charlton Athletic a decade ago.

The speedy rise and fall of Big Sam became prime material for joke making.

As did the man who’ll replace Big Sam in the big job.

It all got a lot funnier/more tragic when you took into account Big Sam’s England record.

Gary Lineker had his two cents as per…

And then came the obligatory Simpsons and wrestling references to wrap things up.

Football fans eh? What are they like? *Heads to Sunderland to ask Black Cats fans what they think*

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Sam Allardyce