Everton contacted Jamie Carragher after he called them 'worst run club in the country' 8 months ago

Everton contacted Jamie Carragher after he called them 'worst run club in the country'

"It wasn't a flippant remark, I believed it."

Jamie Carragher revealed on Monday Night Football that Everton got in touch with him after the former Liverpool player said that they were 'the worst run club in the country.'


Everton had just sacked Frank Lampard as they sit in the relegation zone, but the board and owners still face criticism from the fans.

There were protests calling for those at he head of the club to resign, and very little was actually said about Lampard's failure in the managerial role.

Carragher Everton

The former Chelsea star did no worse or better than those who failed before him and after sacking so many managers, at some point the blame needs to placed higher up.


Speaking on MNF, Carragher gave his opinion on Everton and the their decision to let Frank Lampard go.

"I think the supporters wanted change more at boardroom level than maybe the manager, but I do feel it is the right decision," the former Liverpool defender said on Sky Sports.

Carragher Everton

"Frank got the job on the back of Rafa Benitez having a similar sort of run so if you come in and have a similar sort of run, I don't think you can have too many complaints.


"There are things going on behind the scenes, and that's why the Everton fans are very frustrated more with off the field stuff than on the field.

"He hasn't spent a lot of money and they lost Richarlison, who was their best player last season. They have tried to replace him, and it was always going to be difficult to do.

Carragher Everton

"When you look at the attacking players he has brought in, there is Dele Alli and Van de Beek and they weren't really a success. This season they brought Maupay in because of the injuries to Calvert-Lewin and Dwight McNeil came in, not for huge fees, but they haven't done anything. Nothing at all.


"The defensive players brought in have done okay, but the attacking players have not done anywhere near enough."

Carragher wasn't finished there, and decided to double down on a powerful claim that he made a few months ago.

Carragher Everton

"Who knows a football club better than their own supporters? The supporters haven't got banners in the crowd for Frank Lampard, they have got them for the board.

"I said on this programme about 6-12 months ago - Everton are the worst run club in the country - and it wasn't a flippant remark, I believed it.

"And I'm not saying that as an ex-Liverpool player, but as an ex-Everton fan. When I made that comment, Everton got in touch with me, and I actually admired it.


"They were on the front foot, trying to defend their club, and I thought okay fair enough, we say things in the media and sometimes people come back at you.

"But I didn't think I was wrong when I said it then, and I'm not wrong when I say it now."

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