Ex Spurs star says England should snatch Evan Ferguson like they did with Declan Rice 5 months ago

Ex Spurs star says England should snatch Evan Ferguson like they did with Declan Rice

"They're not really Irish, are they?"

Ex-Spurs player Jamie O'Hara has claimed that England should go after Evan Ferguson like they did with Declan Rice and Jack Grealish.


Ferguson was eligible to play for England because of his mother's side of the family, but he was born and raised in Bettystown in County Meath, and has already played for his country six times.

Due to the fact that Ferguson has played more than three games for Ireland, this means that it's impossible for him to now switch allegiances, although this hasn't stopped the English press pushing to claim the Brighton striker.

When O'Hara suggested it to another former Spurs player, Jason Cundy live on TalkSPORT, he was quickly shut down.


"That's a terrible question," replied Cundy.

"Can you imagine that? If Gareth Southgate phones him up and says 'You're going to be playing in the Euros next year. I want you alongside Harry Kane'. He can't do it."

O'Hara made the point that he won't get the opportunity to play in major tournaments if he stays with the Irish, but again Cundy was having none of it.


"With him up top, they might," said Cundy.

"He might be the one that can carry them. We've seen players do it in the past, carry weaker teams to tournaments.

"Gareth Bale for Wales. Without Gareth Bale, Wales aren't getting to their first World Cup. They're not doing it. They're simply not. Evan Ferguson might be able to do that."

O'Hara's most hilarious, but also most infuriating point, was that if Ferguson played for England, then he could actually win an international trophy.


"Nobody has won anything for England since '66!" replied a bemused Cundy.

"What makes you think he's going to be the difference? No doubt this boy has got a huge future ahead of him, but he's Irish. He can't do that.

"He's not doing that for England, mate, I don't see it. I don't see the arrogance that Southgate and the FA would have to phone him up."

Clutching at straws now, O'Hara used Grealish and Rice as examples of players who represented Ireland before but eventually chose to play for England.


"I know, but they're not really Irish, are they?" said Cundy.

"They're not Irish mate, those boys are English. Have you heard them both speak? Jack Grealish, you couldn't get more Brummy. Declan is a south [Londoner].

"[Evan Ferguson] is Irish. He's 100 per cent Irish beef. Ìn his head, he must be."

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