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03rd Feb 2015

Emmanuel Adebayor didn’t get the transfer he wanted because of Daniel Levy’s grudge

Ade's forever blowing bubbles

Ben Kiely

Daniel Levy’s bitter grudge against West Ham cost Emmanuel Adebayor his preferred transfer this window

Levy has a bitter feud going with rivals West Ham, which was most recently rekindled over the Hammers’ being granted the Olympic stadium ahead of Spurs.

So it came as no real surprise that the Tottenham Hotspur chairman was reluctant to let his striker Emmanuel Adebayor sign for the club, when they came a knockin’ in January.

Queens Park Rangers, Crystal Palace and West Ham were all in for the Togo forward. Since the clubs were unwilling to pay all of Adebayor’s astounding £100,000-a-week wage, Levy agreed to subsidise part of it for any club, with the exception of West Ham.

QPR offered to contribute £60,000-a-week while Palace were willing to part with £70,000-a-week to acquire Adebayor’s services. Levy accepted both offers but Adebyor turned them down in favour of a move to Wet Ham.

The Hammers offered to pay half of Adebayor’s wages but Levy twice refused to subsidise any part of his salary for the club. West Ham made a second enquiry in the 11th hour of the window but Levy sttod firm, and refused to accept the offer. As a result, Adebayor will remain a Spurs player for the rest of the season, at the very least.

Hat-tip to the Telegraph

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