Dejan Lovren concedes bizarre penalty after VAR intervention 2 years ago

Dejan Lovren concedes bizarre penalty after VAR intervention

Almost as bizarre as him being able to take a free-kick from a dangerous position

On the whole, these Euros have been alright, haven't they? All those petty club rivalries have been set aside for a few weeks. The football's been pretty decent. Even the weather's been quite nice.


Things have been so good, in fact, that when Dejan Lovren conceded a penalty against Czech Republic on Friday afternoon, we couldn't instantly recall the last time we saw so many people started bickering about VAR. Generally speaking, the refereeing has been pretty good so far (we've tempted fate, haven't we?) and VAR, refreshingly, has barely had a mention.

But just when it might have seemed we were set to go an entire group stage without it rearing its head, Croatia - through Lovren - conceded a frankly ridiculous penalty in their Group D game at Hampden Park.

A cross played into the World Cup finalists' penalty area appeared to have been dealt with by the former Liverpool defender. He did, however, catch Patrik Schick with his elbow in the process, busting the forward's nose in the process. Both players raised their arms as they jumped for the cross with Lovren never taking his eye off the ball.


Schick, having scored twice in the Czech's opener against Scotland - simultaneously making a meme of David Marshall with his second - stepped up and converted the penalty, giving his side a half-time lead.