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11th May 2023

“In an ideal world, absolutely, Man United would move David de Gea on this summer”

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David de Gea Man United

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“In an ideal world, absolutely, they would move him on.”

Matt Holland and Damien Delaney joined us on episode seven of House of Football, and David de Gea was among the topics discussed by the former Republic of Ireland internationals.

The Manchester United goalkeeper has been in the spotlight after making several high-profile errors. De Gea cost the Red Devils in their 1-0 defeat to West Ham United last weekend after failing to prevent a tame shot by Said Benrahma.

The former Spain international has also come under increased scrutiny with his contract set to expire in the summer.

De Fea looks set to sign a new deal on reduced terms. Yet, many Man United fans are calling for the team to get an upgrade on the ‘keeper who has made 540 appearances for the club over the last 12 years

Holland and Delaney agreed that Man United need to sign an upgrade on De Gea, but he is not the main cause of concern within United’s squad.

Delaney and Holland on Man United’s issue that is greater than De Gea.

“I think they would like to get an upgrade on him, but Man United have more pressing needs,” Delaney said.

“Man United, depending on the takeover situation, if you start addressing needs… David de Gea is an issue, but at the minute it’s probably a secondary issue.

“Man United have to start with the centre-forward role at the moment, and you probably have to sort out the midfield role as well.

“You probably want another centre-back now too, look at Varane and his (injury) profile. So, they have more pressing issues. David de Gea can wait.

“In an ideal world, absolutely, they would move him on, but a new goalkeeper, for an elite goalkeeper, what does it cost you?

“Maybe 80 or 90 million pounds. United don’t have that to throw at a secondary problem.”

Holland: De Gea isn’t the right fit for Ten Hag.

Holland echoed Delaney’s views and stated that De Gea simply isn’t the right fit for Man United under Erik Ten Hag. The Dutch coach wants his team to play out from the back and avoid kicking the ball long.

The former Ireland midfielder said that De Gea appears incapable of doing this, but the club will need to prioritise signing a striker.

“I agree with Damien that a striker is probably going to be their priority this summer,” Holland said.

“But when I watch Erik Ten Hag’s teams, he wants his teams to play out from the back, he wants them to play into Lisandro Martinez or Luke Shaw at centre-half, and play through the lines.

“Now, if that’s the case, then David de Gea isn’t the answer. I’ve seen so many games this year where he’s unable to do it.

“He was caught out a couple of times against West Ham, the Brighton game last week as well, and he just bypassed the press from Brighton and went long – that’s not what Erik ten Hag ultimately wants to do.

“He wants his teams to try and play out from the back, and De Gea isn’t the answer, but ultimately there are more pressing issues at the club and a striker is the number one target in the summer, rather than a goalkeeper.”

Delaney also said that Man United are in an awkward situation due to De Gea’s contract situation. The player is out of contract in the summer but looks set to sign a new deal on reduced terms.

The former Ireland defender said that Man United would need to spend around €80m to sign an elite goalkeeper, which may not be possible in the summer when they need a new centre-forward and are in the midst of takeover bids.

Finally, Holland noted that De Gea is an ‘enigma’, given he has the most clean sheets in the Premier League so far this season (15).

Yet, he ranks in mid-table for save percentage (70 per cent, the 12th-best record in the division).

Ultimately, the former Ipswich Town midfielder believes that De Gea’s individual errors and lack of ability on the ball means he won’t be the long-term solution for Man United. Yet, he ranks lower down the list of priorities for the upcoming transfer window.

“It’s quite an enigma with De Gea, he’s on course for the Golden Glove as well, he’s had the most clean sheets in the division,” Holland said.

“Yet, he has one of the worst save percentages (in the Premier League). So, if you weigh it up, it’s a strange one, isn’t it?

“Ultimately, he has made match-winning saves, match-winning moments this season, but there are too many errors creeping into his game, too many individual mistakes that have cost Man United points.”

You can watch the pair discuss De Gea below.

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