Danny Murphy claims there is "only one option" for Declan Rice and it's not Ireland 1 year ago

Danny Murphy claims there is "only one option" for Declan Rice and it's not Ireland

Mick McCarthy won't thank Danny Murphy for this.

Murphy has given a detailed explanation for why he believes Declan Rice ought to pick England over the Republic of Ireland.

Rice has yet to make a decision on his international future and as his reputation continues to soar thanks to his performances for West Ham, Rice's dilemma is destined to make more and more headlines.

The versatile youngster, who turned 20 on Monday, has represented Ireland at underage level and is eligible to declare for the senior team due to his grandparents from Cork.

But Rice has been advised to opt for the country of his birth by former England international, Danny Murphy.

"You’re going to play in more World Cups and European Championships for England than you are for Republic of Ireland – history tells us that," the ex-Liverpool and Spurs midfielder said on talkSPORT.

"That’s a big thing for a footballer. Also, holding midfield is the one area in the England squad that’s up for grabs, for me. You look at Dier, Henderson, who else is there?

"Declan Rice is probably looking around thinking he’s not scared of any of the other players in terms of competition. Could he make that position his own? He’s got a good chance if he decides to choose England.

"I don’t know how strong the Irish connection is in his family, so that’s another thing to take into consideration. But purely from a football perspective, there’s only one option.

"There is only one option if you want to play in the biggest tournaments in the world and that’s England.

"Is it a realistic possibility that he can get in that England team in the future? I think the answer is ‘yes’."