Cristiano Ronaldo sets rough retirement date 5 years ago

Cristiano Ronaldo sets rough retirement date

Wait, Ronaldo and Messi aren't going to be playing football forever and ever?

We were given another reminder of how horribly mortal life is during Cristiano Ronaldo's interview with the Times.

The topic of retirement came up while the Real Madrid talisman was talking about his son. He explained that becoming a father has changed his outlook on life. He also dropped the bombshell that would like his son to join the family business... no pressure now.

"I would like him to follow my footsteps, to be a forward and score many goals but he prefers goalkeeping. He changed me a lot. I dreamed of having a son since I was 25 and he really changed my way of thinking. He always supports me and he's always smiling."

Ronaldo admitted that trying not to spoil his child when his income is so high has been difficult. Although, Ronaldo doesn't seem to know what spoiling means as he feels he's a little worried that the amount of yoghurt and fruit he's eating might be giving him notions.


"It's easy to be spoiled when you have a big bed to sleep in, yoghurts and fruit and fast cars in the garage. One of these days he asked me for an iPhone 6 but I told him no. He said it was to call me and I said for him to use his grandmother's phone. You cant control everything but education is the greatest gift you can give. Every Sunday we break the routine and go out for burgers and Coca Cola. The balance is important."

Then Ronaldo dropped the bombshell we'd all been dreading, the era has to end some time.

"When I finish my career, in 4 or 5 years I plan to live like a king with my family and friends".

In fairness, most people would have probably predicted he would retire around this time, but actually hearing it from the man himself sounds a bit odd.