Chelsea fans clash at public training session over Timo Werner remark 10 months ago

Chelsea fans clash at public training session over Timo Werner remark

"Who do you think you are?"

It's no secret that Timo Werner struggled for Chelsea last season.


The German was bought for big bucks and with expectations, especially after flourishing in the German league where he was scoring goals for fun.

His pace and strength in particular made it seem like he would be a perfect match for the Premier League, but for one reason or another it hasn't yet quite worked out for him.

At a public training session where Chelsea supporters were allowed to watch their team train, a microphone was passed around the fans to convey message of support to their players.

However, it reached one fan in particular, and 'supportive' isn't exactly how you would describe his statement.


"Listen I've got a word yeah, let's have it right... get Werner out of the club."

The microphone was quickly taken off him, and he was greeted with jeers and boos from the other Chelsea supporters.

One supporter in particular, was furious at this remark and had something to say themselves.

"You get out, you get. Who are you? Who'd you think you are?

"You get out!"


It's fair to say that some fans aren't happy with Werner's place in the team, but it also appears that he has the backing of a lot of fans as well.

With the inclusion of Romelu Lukaku, the burden of scoring a high volume of goals for the club is now shared among the strikers, and perhaps the lack of pressure will allow Werner to find his feet in England.