Charlie Adam claims use of 'snus' drug is rife among footballers 5 years ago

Charlie Adam claims use of 'snus' drug is rife among footballers

The drug is apparently widely-used in the world of football

'Snus' is the new drug on the street in the world of football. Recent reports have uncovered the popularity of 'snus' (pronounced snooze) among footballers. The drug comes in the form of small tobacco pouches and is applied by rubbing it to the gums.


It has been illegal to sell snus in the UK since 1992 and is on the World Anti-Doping Agency's watchlist, although it's not banned as it is not considered a performance-enhancing drug, despite many claiming that it improves an athlete's alertness and power.

Many people consider it more of a relaxer, it seems; almost a substitute for a cigarette without causing damage to the lungs.

Speaking on Radio 5 Live, Stoke midfielder Charlie Adam revealed that it is extremely popular among footballers, from the Premier League to League Two, and in Scotland too.

It is said to be imported online from Scandinavia and then distributed discretely among players.


Leicester City and England striker Jamie Vardy has admitted to taking it in the past.

It may seem harmless, but according to Mike Keegan's report in the Daily Mailone player has been treated for gum cancer and one club has decided to punish any player caught with the stimulant by fining them £10k.