Brendan Rodgers fires back at the Celtic fans that called him a fraud 2 years ago

Brendan Rodgers fires back at the Celtic fans that called him a fraud

Brendan Rodgers has fired back at the Celtic fans that abused him following his departure to Leicester City earlier this week.

Rodgers replaced Claude Puel at the club with the former Liverpool manager leaving Celtic on the verge of a triple treble.


His departure was not taken lightly by fans with supporters holding up a banner claiming that he was a fraud during their recent trip to Hearts.

Rodgers told the Herald Scotland that he was a Celt and he completely dismissed the notion that he was a fraud.

"I'd ask them, 'What the f*** are you doing?’Bloody hell, I'm one of you!'.

"Okay, I made a career decision. But that doesn't make me any less of a Celt.

"A fraud? Someone who turned up at half seven every morning of his life? Who was in there until all hours of the night? Who took over 60 games a season, preparing a team, changing a culture and a standard at a club, filling the support again?

"It is sad if it has gone that way. If it is to this depth, for someone who has given so many happy memories to a lot of people and has left the club in the position they are in with the stability, it is sad. I haven't exactly left a sinking ship."

Leicester defender Ben Chilwell said Rodgers met with the team after the Foxes' recent win over Brighton and said that he expects a side that is willing to press and win the ball back in defence.

"We had a meeting yesterday when we came in, a half-an-hour meeting on what he expects from us and what we can expect from him and the style of play.

“The main thing that came out of it was the fact he wants us to press, he wants us to be very aggressive, when we don’t have the ball to try and win it back quickly and be difficult to play against.

“He wants us to play a good style of football, attacking with lots of goals, but to be solid at the back as well.”