Bolton players cruelly refuse to let really dumb bet go 5 years ago

Bolton players cruelly refuse to let really dumb bet go

We've all done it, tweeting something which we later regret

Thankfully for most of us it's usually a late night tweet slagging someone off, or sub-tweeting someone that we're slightly annoyed with, rather than a promise to get a footballer's face tattooed on your leg if they save your side from relegation.


Unfortunately for Bolton Wanderers supporter Mark Yates this is not some hypothetical situation to set the tone in an article, but in fact real life.

Prior to Bolton's final day Championship clash with Nottingham Forest at the weekend, the season ticket holder vowed to get a tattoo of striker Aaron Wilbraham's face on his leg if the veteran managed to score the goal to save them from relegation.

At the time it probably felt far-fetched, and Yates was likely feeling safe in the knowledge that the 38-year-old would not one day soon be permanently adorned upon his skin.


How wrong he was, as Wilbraham popped up to score an 88th minute winner for the Trotters with just his second goal of the season.

Speaking to the club's official website today, Yates discussed exactly what was going through his mind when he decided to send out what has become an immortal tweet.

“It was one moment of madness – I was there, thinking I was a bit clever, putting that promise on Twitter, and it’s just come to fruition!

“I saw the teamsheet when it was released and my friend said to my son, 'If Wilbraham scores the winner to keep us in the Championship, your Dad is getting his face tattooed on his back.'

“I turned around to him and said jokingly said, 'Alright, I’ll put it on Twitter but I’m not going to get it on my back – I’ll do it on my leg!'

“I actually felt as though it was going to happen all game though – he had the one goal disallowed for offside and we were all delirious then.

“In the second half, there was five goals but I genuinely cannot remember anything that happened after our winner at all!

“My phone nearly blew up though with messages and everybody around me in the stands was just laughing at me.”


While this may have simply been passed off as another tweet promise which would go unfulfilled, Bolton's players were seemingly unprepared to allow it to happen and were soon on the phone to Yates to ensure he went through with it.

“David Wheater has since called me out on it on his live chat and then on his Instagram, while Mark Little has also said that he can’t wait to see the final result of it!

“I have to do it now, seeing as they’ve both said it! It’s actually my first tattoo too so it’s certainly going to be one to remember.

“I’m a little bit nervous and excited, but it’s all in good fun. My family have just laughed at me to be honest – both my sisters are loving it and I said to my Mum, 'I told you I’d make it one day!'

“I still don’t think it’s really sunk in yet – I never expected to go viral with this, that’s for sure. My son has been laughing at me and I know I’ll certainly get some stick from my workmates.

“I’ve even had Aaron’s family members messaging me on Twitter, saying that I definitely need to get it done and I’m sure Alby will enjoy the pain that I’ll be going through, for doubting him if anything!

“He’s gone down in the Bolton Wanderers history books, that’s for sure. I don’t think we’ve ever had an escape like that before, but he definitely made himself a hero and made everybody smile in the stadium.

“I’ll never forget the game anyway, that’s for sure - I’ll have a permanent reminder of it!”

A permanent reminder indeed, and for those wondering, Yates is set to go under the needle early next week.