Bernard Brogan one of thousands in green taking over Cardiff 4 years ago

Bernard Brogan one of thousands in green taking over Cardiff

We're taking over Cardiff.

Scotland did us a massive favour on Sunday with their bottle-job against Slovenia, and that result ramped up the importance of tonight's clash with Wales ten fold.


It's all in our hands now. Beat Wales and we're through to a play-off at the very least.

The Ireland fans, the best fans in the world didn't need an invitation to go ballistic, but its arrival has been welcomed and the streets of Cardiff are being made well aware of it.

The green army are in top form in the Welsh capital city, singing like the mad yokes they are, jumping around the place and supporting their boys.

It may be a home game for Chris Coleman's side, but the unflappable band of Irish supporters will be doing their best to make it feel like the opposite.

They've been doing so all day.

Dublin footballer Bernard Brogan has travelled over for the big game, and he posted a video and there was barely a red jersey in sight.


SportsJOE's Darragh Culhane, along with hordes of other Irish fans met up with Brogan, and it's fair to say the excitement has reached fever-pitch.

You'll never beat the Irish. The supporters anyway.


Fingers crossed they're in similar form after the game tonight.