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18th Aug 2016

Arsenal fans lose their shit as Liverpool enter into talks to sign Shkodran Mustafi

Oh shiiiit

Nooruddean Choudry

If this goes through, they’ll be hell to pay in North London.

Arsenal fans are stressed enough as it is. Not only are they dismayed by the lack of an established new central defender and top-class striker at the club this summer, but they’re seriously pissed off about starting the Premier League season with 4-3 defeat to Liverpool on their own patch.

Anyone who has heard the sounds of consternation at the Emirates and watched the gloriously entertaining Arsenal Fan TV will be fully aware of the downcast mood and high blood pressure amongst Gooners everywhere. But things are about to get even worse, if reports are to be believed.

It looks like Jurgen Klopp is about to get one over on Arsene Wenger for the second time in a week as reports on local radio in Valencia state that Liverpool have dramatically entered into talks to sign Shkodran Mustafi – a much-needed defender that Arsenal have been on the verge of signing for days.

Indeed the move to London was so likely that the German international has been training alone at Valencia in anticipation of the move. But now it looks like Liverpool have swooped in under Wenger’s nose and are favourites to complete the deal. As you can probably guess, Arsenal fans are not a happy lot.

Prepare for an unholy meltdown…

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