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Angel Di Maria must be regretting taunting Barcelona fans after Edinson Cavani's goal
This has come back to bite him on the arse...

To be fair to Angel Di Maria, he wasn't the only one who thought Edinson Cavani's goal was curtains as far as Barcelona in this season's Champions league went.

After Barca had brought Paris Saint-Germain's aggregate lead back to just 4-3, Cavani's goal meant that Barca would now need another three goals in the time that remained. Surely, that would be too much, even for them...

So, as PSG's players mobbed Cavani, Di Maria - a European Cup winner with Barca's great rivals Real Madrid - looked up to the Nou Camp stands and held his finger to his lips, as if ordering the home supporters to be quiet.

Di Maria later had the chance to put some gloss on PSG's inevitable safe passage to the quarter finals when he went through against Ter Stegen with six minutes to go. He fluffed his lines...


...But what did that matter? PSG were home and hosed.

Well, not quite. Some how, Barca turned the tie on it's head in the time that was left, no doubt leaving Mr Di Maria feeling very, very silly.

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