Steven Gerrard reacts to Alfredo Morelos' idiotic red card against Celtic 1 year ago

Steven Gerrard reacts to Alfredo Morelos' idiotic red card against Celtic

Alfredo Morelos might be the most reckless man in football.

Death, taxes and Alfredo Morelos getting duped in to making a stupid decision after the slightest provocation - these are the only certainties in life on our little planet.

The Colombian striker is a good goalscorer but is also the most instinctive and gullible footballer on the face of the earth.

In the most recent Old Firm Derby prior to this weekend Morelos had kicked roughly two people in the crotch without receiving a booking, and seemingly went into Sunday's encounter confident of receiving the same level of leniency from the referee.

Scott Brown had other ideas though, as - half an hour into the game - he tripped Morelos lightly while running around the centre circle. A normal human being would have said 'haha, nice try mate' to Brown and jogged on, but Morelos is not a normal human being.

So instead, he decided to throw an elbow at Brown, who accepted his gift like a child on Christmas morning.

Brown went down, holding his face, as the referee walked over to the assistant referee for assistance. He told him what he saw and Morelos was swiftly sent off as Steven Gerrard held his head in his hands.

Morelos then slowly walked off the pitch, furious at what had happened, as Scott Brown laughed in his face. It was, quite frankly, an astonishing and brilliant moment.

As for Rangers boss Steven Gerrard, he could not believe what he had seen.

That is five red cards for the season now, for Morelos, and we are still in March.