Alan Shearer hits back at Match of the Day critics 4 years ago

Alan Shearer hits back at Match of the Day critics

Punditry on Match of the Day is often criticised - for God's sake, punditry everywhere is often criticised.

It's not an easy gig, their main sell is the highlights and the analysis is under strict time constraint so it either has to be rushed, inconclusive, or it has to just leave out talking points. That results in outrage because, let's face it, football fans aren't the most rational on weekends and, when their team loses and your gripes aren't aired, scapegoats are going to get hung. See: Lukaku kick omission from last week's episode.


The last thing one of these pundits should do is be on Twitter but Alan Shearer, despite the fire he probably feels beneath him every Saturday night, fronts up to the abuse. This time though, he fired back.

Anyone who watches Arsenal from afar have long since stopped watching for the lovely football they can produce at times. No, it's a psychopathic thrill at this stage, addicted to the misery of someone else. The best thing about watching Arsenal is watching their cock-ups - as predictable as they might be. The best thing about watching their cock-ups?

Arsenal Fan TV.


As good as Troopz's meltdown was though, it was DT's video that gained the most traction.

But it only gained the most traction because he had the audacity to call out Alan Shearer after Match of the Day.

The Arsenal fan took exception to Shearer's assessment that the Gunners couldn't live with United.


Shearer took exception to DT's hypocrisy.

During Arsenal Fan TV, the same boy had broken down how bad his side were at the back. Luckily, Shearer had his quotes to hand.


76% possession, a very bad defensive unit and David De Gea in the other team isn't going to do much for any team but that wasn't enough for the England legend to leave it there as he started to bite back at attacks coming from elsewhere.

From a lot of places.

It all started with so much hope.


But some people's ability to listen always lets them down.

Shearer wasn't taking any moral victories.

United fans starting to forgive his snub with every tweet.

Now they're just nitpicking.

At least he has a backer in high places.