41 reasons why the League of Ireland is the greatest league in the world 5 years ago

41 reasons why the League of Ireland is the greatest league in the world

It's not just a hashtag, the League of Ireland actually is the greatest league in the world. Here's a few reasons why:

1. Versatility of the players


Everyone's a utility player.

2. The officials


They can be pretty funny...

...even if the comedy isn't intentional.


3. Tiki Taka

And they can do it on a cold, windy night in Connacht


4. Selfie Kings


It puts Arsenal's efforts to shame.

5. Strikers are above Premier League-level

You can't argue with the stats.


6. Laser-like focus

From players and officials alike.

7. Loyalty

The fans spare no expense to support their club.

8. Attention to detial is unparalleled  


9. Inclusion

No matter how big of a name he is, the new guy doesn't get any special treatment.

10. The art of defending

It's been mastered.

11. Athletes are fine-tuned, fitness machines

Smoking is just weight-lifting for the lungs.

12. Players are reliable

They always show up... eventually.

13. They've got the support of the long arm of the law

The shades know to give credit when it's due.

14. The PA announcements

More often than not, they're gold.

15. Opportunistic teams

16. Schmoozin' the A-listers

How could he refuse?

17. Never a dull moment

18. Job Security

You can't slack off, not even for five minutes.

Bray made the announcement this morning, stating that their former Under-19 coach will take over the senior side with immediate effect, following the resignation of Alan Matthews.

Tarnogrodzki may have been on the receiving end of the quickest demotion in Irish football history.

Bray sent out an initial statement, shortly before noon today, that announced Tarnogrodzki as their coach. Five minutes later came an updated statement and Tarnogrodzki became caretaker coach.

19. Where stars are born

20. Clubs make hay while the sun's shining

21. Even the thieves know some items are just too scared to steal

You wouldn't get that level of respect in the Premier League.

22. International recognition

23. Golazos

24. Wondersaves

25. Even the ball boys are passionate

26. The mascots

The sidelines are alive with big cats, goats and superheroes.

Limerick mascot

27. They paint you a picture

We may not know art, but we know what we like... REALLY BIG BANNERS!!!

SR tifo

Cork tiffo


28. Every league needs a Neymar

Joga bonita, Shannonside.

29. Rewarding fans

But only to those who've earned it.

30. Joey Barton

He's too clearly intimidated to play in it. Let's consider that a victory.

31. Outstanding promos


32. Video game superstars

Andy Boyle owned that cover way better than Jordan Henderson ever could.

LOI Fifa

33. Priorities

In 2016, Cabinteely FC teamed up with the Dublin School of Grinds so that their U19 squad would receive free Leaving Certificate grinds.

The club said on its official website that "this study/training/play balance will give young players the opportunity to achieve their true potential, not only on the pitch, but also help them to achieve their academic goals."

How awesome is that?

34. It's not about the money

35. The transfer announcement photos

They're next level.

36. ...and they're well aware of it.

At least they can have a laugh about it.

37. Alf Stewart

Need we say more?

38. Michael D Higgins

Uachtaran na hEireann approves of this message.

39. The Freudian slips

*suppresses giggles*

40. The poetry

'Fuckin' hell!'

41. And finally...

Proof doesn't come much more definitive than this.