Niall Horan and AP McCoy lead praise for Katie Taylor's "toughest fight of her career" 1 year ago

Niall Horan and AP McCoy lead praise for Katie Taylor's "toughest fight of her career"


Katie Taylor didn't f**k around in 2017.

Eight professional fights, eight professional wins. A title. A title defence.

It was a crazy year, a historic one, and one which culminated with not just a female bout headlining a Sky Sports card in York Hall, but it ended with Katie Taylor overcoming serious adversity and making it through what she described as the "toughest fight of her career".

Taylor was awarded victory over Jessica McCaskill on Wednesday night with a unanimous judges decision and the legend grows.

Her jaw was tested, her endurance was tested over 10 rounds and her discipline was tested as the referee intervened on a number of occasions much to the displeasure of the Irish support.

When the Bray sensation got going though, she did what she always does - she started getting people talking and she started inspiring the nation.

She's a rarity in that she never feels the need to engage in trash talk or hyped-up dramas but, by God, when she enters the ring, she changes.

And she had some very interested onlookers for her first title defence.

Once again, she didn't let any of them down.

It wasn't easy though - far from it.

And the official in the ring didn't help matters.

This boy was just loving it though.

And when Taylor came through that pressure, her skill, her class and her nerve started to shine even brighter.

She was helped there by the Irish though.

And one of their favourite sons appreciated it too.

What was the ref's problem though, right enough?

The highest praise.

The biggest question.