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30th Apr 2021

Natasha Jonas’ trainer calls for ‘fair judging and commentary’ against ‘media darling’ Katie Taylor

Lee Costello

Undisputed lightweight champion Katie Taylor, defends all of her belts against her former Olympic rival Natasha Jonas on Saturday night.

Jonas’ trainer, Joe Gallagher, made a public plea to promoter Eddie Hearn on IFL TV, for “fairness” when it comes to commentating and judging the fight against “media darling” Katie Taylor.

“The judges are going to have to come and do what they’re there to do”, demanded the Manchester man.

“They’re not there to be in awe of Eddie, in awe of Matchroom, in awe of the event, they have to come here and score what’s happening in the ring.

“Sky, the broadcasters, have got to commentate on punches landed, not where there coming from – I think sometimes they commentate like radio presenters. They’ve got to talk about what’s happening in front of them and sometimes nothing said is better. Let the action prevail.”

Gallagher feels that Jonas was a victim of poor judging in her previous world title fight against Terri Harper and that media bias and poor judging robbed her of the belt.

“Natasha Jonas is a strong underdog. I’m telling you now, Katie Taylor, whether she admits it or not, will have had the hardest and most disciplined training camp she’s ever had for any of her fights. She knows the serious threat that Natasha brings to the ring.

“What we want in this fight is fairness by the judges and for commentary to score the fight by what’s seen.

“I can’t bad-word Katie, she’s absolutely fantastic, but all I’m going to say is, on the night, if everyone does their jobs, including me and Natasha does her job, then we’re going to have a new undisputed world champion.