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25th Oct 2023

Katie Taylor posts rare training clip that hints at game plan for Chantelle Cameron rematch

Lee Costello

Katie Taylor

We are in for a war.

Katie Taylor has posted a rare training clip that may be a hint to what sort of game plan the Irish fighter is going to execute in her rematch with Chantelle Cameron.

Taylor lost her undisputed titles as world champion and her unbeaten record in the professional ranks when Cameron defeated her earlier in the summer at the 3 Arena in Dublin.

The fight was action-packed and the intensity was incredible and although every round was close, with the Bray native getting a lot of success, even the home support of Dublin couldn’t say that the English woman was still winning the majority of the round, even if it was marginally.

Trained by Jamie Moore and Nigel Travis, the Manchester-based boxer has a very exciting come-forward style, where she hunts her opponent down, cuts the ring off, and applies endless pressure on them.

Katie Taylor

The idea is to not let them box, don’t let them rest, and be willing to take one in order to give one, it involves a lot of bravery, stamina, and determination, but they were three things that Cameron has in abundance.

With the rematch scheduled to take place at the end of May, Taylor has posted a training clip on social media, not something that she would normally do when preparing for a fight.

The clip shows trainer Ross Enamait holding the punch shield, and propping it up at angles where his fighter can throw either a lead hook or a back hook.

This is a punch that is particularly effective against pressure fighters who like to come charging in, so the idea is that you give them something to meet when they make their way forward, and they walk into it.

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Typically known for her hand speed, quick feet, and boxing IQ, Taylor usually throws a check-hook, where she spins off to the side as she throws the punch, but in this clip her feet are planted, and there’s real spite in the shots thrown.

In the last fight Cameron was too good at cutting the ring off, and making it small, for her opponent to spin off into the space, so going by this clip, it looks like Taylor is working on her inside game.

It’s unlikely that Taylor wants to turn it into dog-fight, as that suits the new champion’s style more, but she will go into the bout this time understanding that there will be moments in the fight where there’s no escaping a shoot-out on the inside.

When those moments arise, the feet will be planted, and punches will be thrown with real venom in order to get the best of the exchange.

In other words, us fans are in for a hell of a fight!

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