John Kavanagh reveals how much Conor McGregor will weigh on fight night 6 years ago

John Kavanagh reveals how much Conor McGregor will weigh on fight night

There will be a considerable size difference between both fighters.

The weight cut is well underway for Conor McGregor as his professional boxing debut against none other than Floyd Mayweather Jr. draws near.


Just over a month ago and 'The Notorious' was in the shape of his life. He showed up to the Brooklyn leg of the Mayweather vs. McGregor promotional world tour topless, save an over-the-shoulder mink that cost $40,000.

McGregor's walking around weight is considerably higher than the 154lbs he will weigh in at later this week, ahead of Saturday's fight against Mayweather in Las Vegas. In a recent interview to preview the fight, the Dubliner described himself as a '170-pound Irish gorilla'.

One week later and he was in fearsome nick.


At present, as the weight cut nears, McGregor is a shadow of the man that strutted around the Barclays Center [sic] on July 13.


The face is drawn and McGregor's body has lost some of the bulk and definition.


Following the Friday weigh-in at the T-Mobile Arena, McGregor will do what he has done for his past nine years as an MMA fighter - put the weight straight back on.

John Kavanagh, his coach, has told The MMA Hour that McGregor could gain as much as 14 pounds [one stone] over the 24 hours after he takes to the scales. He said:

"He'll be up close to that [170lbs] come fight night. What was he, 168lbs for Diaz II. 

"What did he say in that clip - he's a 170-pound Irish gorilla. He'll be up close to that number."

Given that Mayweather could be weighing around 152lbs for the fight, McGregor will have a considerable weight advantage on the night. Only time will tell whether on not that will play a significant role in how the fight plays out.

*Main image via Conor McGregor [Instagram]