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06th Jun 2021

Floyd Mayweather offers to train Tyron Woodley ahead of his Jake Paul fight

Simon Lloyd

Woodley looks set to take Mayweather up on the offer

Floyd Mayweather has offered to give Tyron Woodley a helping hand ahead of his fight with Jake Paul later this summer.

No official date has been set between Jake and Woodley, a former UFC welterweight champion, but it has been suggested the bout will take place at the end of August.

Mayweather, who takes on Jake Paul’s brother Logan this weekend, has revealed that he has extended an invitation to Woodley for him to not only train at his gym in Las Vegas, but work alongside his team as he prepares for the fight.

“Give me Tyron Woodley,” Mayweather is quoted as saying by Boxing Scene. “I will make sure I get in camp and train him for this fight.”

“I want Tyron Woodley to come to Las Vegas and work with us.”

Woodley later confirmed Mayweather’s offer and appeared keen to take him up on it.

“They [Mayweather’s camp] just texted me, let’s do it,” Woodley said to Fight Hype. “I just talked to him today so for sure, why would I not train with the greatest boxer of all time?

“He’s already my dog and we’ve been talking about training anyway, so for sure. I’m definitely going to take him up on that.”

Mayweather recently claimed that his net worth has surpassed $1.2 billion – approximately £850 million – with more than 50% of his earnings coming from victories over boxing stars Conor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao.

“Tell me another fighter that beat 16 world champions straight? Tell me another fighter that, in just two fights made $650million?

“For Pacquiao I made $300million. For McGregor I made $350million.

“Now we talk about a Logan Paul, a YouTuber, for $100million? Give me that.”