Eddie Hearn stunned as he is labelled as a "coward" in live radio debate 8 months ago

Eddie Hearn stunned as he is labelled as a "coward" in live radio debate

"He is the archetypal walking, talking, singing canary when it suits him."

Eddie Hearn was left stunned after he was branded as a "coward" by Simon Jordan in an explosive debate live on talkSPORT.


The boxing promotor was locked in a war of words with former Crystal Palace owner, and now boxing pundit, Jordan, regarding his handling of the infamous Conor Benn saga.

Benn was of course due to fight Chris Eubank Jr, only for it to be cancelled at the last minute once it was revealed that Hearn's fighter had failed two drug tests.

Eddie Hearn

When it was announced at a press conference that the fight was off, Hearn said that there would be no questions which made Jordan double down on his criticism of the promoter when asked why he had been so strong in his comments.


“Because he was a coward,” Jordan said. “Not a coward in character but a coward in his behaviour.

“If he wants to take offence, he should get over it. He is a big boy and if you don’t like what somebody has said about you, you do two things.

“The reasons why I said it is because he’s got plenty to say for himself. He is the archetypal walking, talking, singing canary when it suits him.

Eddie Hearn

“When it comes down to a situation when there’s a scenario where he needs to put forward his best foot in a situation which is shrouded in inconsistencies and misrepresentation – a load of them by him – he should have done a damn sight better than do a press conference saying ‘I’m not going to say anything’.

“And then goes off and flaps his gums about what he is and isn’t gonna do and then tells the world that the media misrepresented him. It’s nonsense.


"You either issue a writ against them for defamation or come and debate them and put them in their place. You did neither because you couldn’t. You ducked it and you did it with other people.”

Eddie Hearn

Jordan added: “You need to get over your victim’s complex about everyone centres on you.

“You operate as a gold chip promoter, wonderful, £60million turnover. £12million profit, lovely dividends – you are a big boy. Nobody has a conspiracy theory against you, mate.”

Hearn fought his corner, accepting he made mistakes but insisting to talkSPORT he believes Benn is innocent.


“I think I made mistakes. During this process, everything we did was done with care and thought. Nobody particularly handled the situation well but I will say when these tests come through, we had conversations with [the BBBoC],” he explained.

“The conversations went something like this, ‘Robert [Smith, head of BBBoC], I know you don’t acknowledge VADA, we have been here before, but basically what are you going to do?’ And five weeks later they pulled the fight.

“Now people say about my mistake of backing Conor Benn, I say this: I believe Conor Benn.

“There has been no benefit to me from a profile way or perceived integrity position to back Conor Benn. I believe the young man. 100 per cent.”

He also said he hopes Benn can be in action again in June – and wants to remake the Eubank Jr fight

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