Startling weight difference between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather confirmed 6 years ago

Startling weight difference between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather confirmed

"Look at me, I'm in peak physical condition."

Conor McGregor has looked worse after weight cuts, much worse, but he was hardly the picture of health in Las Vegas as he tipped the scales at 153lbs for his light middleweight clash against Floyd Mayweather.


'The Notorious' would have been dehydrated and famished heading to the weigh ins at the T-Mobile Arena and he looked drawn around the face. Crucially, though, he made weight and the fight is on.

Speaking to Showtime's Jim Gray after the weigh-in formalities were completed, McGregor made a daunting prediction about how much he will weigh on fight night. He commented:

"That's the worst shape I've ever seen [Mayweather] in. He looks blown out, out of shape. I'm going to breeze through him.

He continued: "I'll be a lot bigger. A lot bigger than him. I'd say close to 170lbs, yes."

Credit: UFC

Considering that Mayweather weighed in at 149lbs, six pounds lighter than the 155lbs cut-off, there will be a considerable difference between both men on Saturday night. Were the Dubliner to tie the undefeated Mayweather up in close-in exchanges, he could secure a real advantage.

Mayweather is not taking much stock in the fact that he might be giving up 20lbs against the UFC champion. He told Gray:

"Weight doesn't win fights. Fighting wins fights."


'Money' insists he is heading into his final fight and he is confident of finishing up at 50-0. He also boldly predicted this bout would be McGregor's last ever too.

At the hearing to change the fight gloves from 10oz to 8oz, UFC executive Michael Mersch told officials that McGregor would be weighing a little over 160lbs for the fight. It seems 'The Notorious' is set to enter the ring heavier still.

Only time will tell if the vast difference in weights will play much of a part in how the contest pans out.